The Session Grid is the heart of a SpaceUp.

The Session Board: Participants help set the agenda, creating and moving sessions in response to new ideas, follow-up discussions, etc.

The Session Grid

For an unconference, when participants arrive on day one, the session board may look like this:

To seasoned conference-goers, this may look a little unsettling – but the whole point of an unconference is that it’s guided by the participants, and evolves over the course of the event.

By the end, it may look something like the picture at the top – with participants adding and moving their talks on the grid:

Participant-led, but managed

As organisers, we ensure the momentum of the event is maintained. In advance we will talk to attendees we already have a relationship with, to ensure some great topics are being proposed, and several keynote speakers will be invited to kick-start specific discussions.

Beyond that, we’re after creative thinking, different perspectives, and lots of person-to-person networking. That’s why we think the unconference will be great - No sitting all-day and falling asleep in the back (or front) rows! If people leave without feeling buzzed, we’ve done something wrong.

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